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TIERNEY FARRELL is a photographer and fine artist based in New York, New York. Inspired by the truth that all humans are the same at the core, Tierney uses a warm approach in photography to break barriers of outward differences to seek a raw honesty within her subjects. She places high value on relationships and takes genuine interest and care in people, which creates the foundation for her work. Her work embodies the strength, dignity and beauty of her subjects with a natural and classic approach.  

Over the past couple of years, several of Tierney’s international portraits have been recognized by National Geographic editors and photographers.  A portrait from India was selected as one of ten winners out of 3,500 entries by National Geographic Your Shot in the #endpoverty challenge partnered with World Bank. Her photos have been favorited by editors on National Geographic Your Shot, published on Your Shot Daily Dozen, and editors’ highlighted favorites in the annual National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest.  Another photo was commissioned by National Geographic that was published in a children’s book, Natumi Takes the Lead.  She was also the winner of a global portrait photography contest by Shoot the Frame.